Paths of life

Paths of life
01  Joe   Lyrics  /  Listen   
02  Jamal Lyrics  /  Listen   
03  Janey Lyrics  /  Listen   
04  Santos   Lyrics  /  Listen   
05  Carlos   Lyrics  /  Listen    /  Video clip
06  John Lyrics  /  Listen    /  Video clip
07  June Lyrics  /  Listen   
08  Sam Lyrics  /  Listen   
09  Billy Lyrics  /  Listen    /  Video clip

Vocals and all instruments by Lothlorien,
Background vocals by Gudrun Blanke (for details see lyrics)
Recorded by B. Blanke & Gudrun Blanke between July 2018 and January 2021, Hamburg
Mixed by B. Blanke & Gudrun Blanke, February 2021
Mastered by B. Blanke & Gudrun Blanke, March 2021

Booklet concept by B. Blanke
Cover & booklet artwork by Gudrun Blanke
Lithography by Thomas Krogmann

Released June 2021

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